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We hold the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 certificate

VATAX s.r.o. was established in Kyjov in 1994 as a metal-working company. Since its founding, the company's key product has been the production of metal garden accessories, which have  been so far  the most sought out assortments, especially by Austrian and German clientele in the chain of hobby markets. Nowadays there is a large-scale production of the garden assortment according to the catalog in more than 300 different models and variations.

In 2002, due to a number of successes in the production of metal garden accessories, we have invested in the installation  of a large powder paint shop (lacquer shop). Its painting capacity has enabled us to accomplish large-volume  of painting orders not only for the garden furniture but also for shelving systems, pallet systems,  wiring devices, sheet metal products and many others.

From the point of view of the production and processing of iron we deal with both, one piece order and serial metalworking. Thanks to the large area of ​​the production site and its layout, we are able to implement complex metalworking and locksmithing orders for individuals in the form of one piece production as well as for welding of products for manufacturing companies, in large series, which is our main focus.