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Metal garden accessories are a very popular assortment designed for decoration and functional use in gardens, balconies or interiors. Our products, which we currently manufacture in over 300 different models and designs, are virtually exclusively marketed through hobby markets and a wide range of horticulture or similar home and garden goods stores. Virtually all of our metal gardening products, which we have been offering since 1994, are currently destined for export to European Union countries, especially in Austria, Germany, Belgium, England and other countries where products of this type are very popular. It is based on delivery orders of our products to these countries. We are also currently looking for new business relationships for our products in the Czech Republic, especially in the form of e-commerce, which is very popular.

All the production of our metal garden accessories offered by us are products of our own production. Our offer does not include any products from China or other destinations with cheap labor and especially low quality standards. All our products are welded without participation of welding machines, therefore the production is exclusively done manually in Kyjov. The welded products are subsequently blasted and varnished with two layers of powder paint. The first layer of powder coat is the so-called zinc primer, which burns at 190 ° C and guarantees the product resistance to corrosion when exposed to year-round climatic conditions. The second layer of powder paint represents the final color solution of the products, and this layer of paint is self-burning. The products are varnished in five basic color ranges, however, color options are unlimited, so there is no problem adapting to the requirements of our customers.


VATAX garden accessories are exceptional due to the fact that:

We use exclusively quality and technically certified materials for the production.

Welding of products is done manually not by welding machines, which use dotted points but the material is welded round, which guarantees high quality of the product.

We create and produce our own product program, which we design and build from the first sketch to the finished product.

We produce home and garden accessories we guarantee the quality.


Gallery of selected products

What we offer to our business partners:


The possibility of selling our products on sales displays, which enables the trader to offer large quantities of small-scale products.


Possibility of selling our products in the form of piece sales in standard stands for selected goods.


Possibility of packaging the products into cartons, which will increase the convenience of the sale or the possibility of using the products for sale in the form of electronic shops.


Ensuring transport of our products in a pallet form through LKW to EU countries.


Individual business conditions in terms of price lists, quantitative terms, delivery dates, presentation of products at the merchant's sales area, etc


Ludvík KOHUT

Sale to retail chains

Ludvik is in charge of building new and maintaining existing business relationships, including communicating with representatives of sales chains and companies that trade in garden accessories within EU countries. He will be happy to help you or give an advice.

Quick contact to Ludvik: +420 733 570 105 |

Unless you reach Ludwig on the phone, it can happen, write to him. He will contact you as soon as possible. 

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